Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Weight Watchers!!

After the disaster that was last week, we finally made it to Weight Watchers last night.

We filled out our little forms and got on the scales...I tipped them at 14st 2lb! I'm unimpressed by that, and that was WITHOUT my shoes on. My aim would be to get down to 11st, but I'd be happy with 11 and a half. This is a lot of weight to lose, I'd better get cracking really hadn't I.

So we got bullied into the monthly package, which does work out cheaper as long as you go regularly enough, and we got the essentials pack for free :D. So I've got my points guide, eating out points guide, all kinds of recipe ideas starters bumpf, tracking books and this kind of stuff...and a pen, I love my pen.

Jo was rather miffed when we sat down and worked out how many points we each had to stick to. Mine was about 24 and jo's was 18, but after I explained that it was because I was taller and fatter than she was she seemed happier. We had a little motivational talk by our 'Team Leader' and off we went to Tesco to fill our cupboards and fridges with healthy wares.

I had my last indulgence last night, sharing a bottle of wine and a packet of salami with my housemate, now I'm on the diet, lets see how it goes.

I'm going to do all kinds of embarrassing things like putting my weight and size measurements up here, oh yes, motivational or what?

I have no shame :o) I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do /insert irony/sarcasm/

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