Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Woo hoo! I managed to lose 4lb this week, fabulous. Just have to keep it up now, that's going to be the hard part, especially with a couple of drinking sessions planned this week. I shall persevere, I COULD drink less, yes....I COULD *riffles through points book for low-point alternatives*. I so won't.

You may have noticed, I've put my cringe-worthy measurements....oh yes. 38 inch waist, I do believe that puts me at increased risk of heart disease. Yay for me, lets knock a couple of inches off that shall we? I'll never be a slight little thing unfortunately, I'm just not built that way, I'm sure 38 inches isn't necessary though.

My personal aim is to be able to fit into a pair of trousers I was wearing back in 2006, I love those trousers and refuse to throw them away, I CAN fit in them again! I CAN and will, that's my goal. If and when I attain it, I shall post a picture of myself in these trousers. I'll be happy then :)

I made chicken kievs for dinner today, it could have been slightly more successful. First off, I had one tiny chicken breast and one massive one....so I was going to end up with wonky kievs. You have to pound the chicken flat then, I had nothing to pound it with, except my own fists. So there I was in the kitchen....punching a dead chicken.

I'm not sure I pounded it enough, as when you put the filling in and then roll the kiev closed, you're supposed to 'fold' up the sides to contain the cheese filling. I had nothing to fold and the cream cheese immediately started oozing out of then ends whilst I made a feeble attempt to 'seal' them with cocktail sticks! GAH!!

In the end they did actually taste quite nice, though the chicken was a bit dry, maybe I shouldn't have cooked them for so long more garlic was required though. More garlic is ALWAYS required.
Image cred: Wikimedia

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