Thursday, 7 May 2009

Watching the Weight, Day 1

Well, I think I was doing quite well until the end of the day...but I knew it would go downhill then as I was out for dins with my sister. I'd already looked up the points in a Tori Katsu curry (8.5), but then we had mini spring rolls, veggie ones, 3 each.
I went home and looked up spring rolls in my eating out book....feck me!!....5 points EACH??

Now, my question is this, what size spring rolls exactly? Hmm? Cos, I had, like, 3 MINI ones. Does 3 mini ones add up to one average spring roll? Or are those evil little bastard things 5 points each? This makes all the difference between going over by one point or by eleven points.

I have decided that I'll just go over by one, I've still gone over, which I'm led to believe is bad, can't do much about it. I'll save myself the guilt of believing I've consumed almost half my daily points allowance over the top though.


So yesterday I had:

Brekkie - 30g (very roughly as I don't yet have scales) bran flakes and about 1/4 pint skimmed milch

Lunch - Rocket and Feta salad, 40g feta. Half a wholmeal baguette (strictly speaking should only have had 1/4...norty!!)

Dinner - Tori Katsu curry, 3 spring rolls, jasmine my that's bad!

Snackage - apple, pear, and juice freshly squeezed from an orange (about 200ml ish). Oh and 2 cups of tea, one with skimmed and one with semi-skimmed milk.

So, actually, if it hadn't have been for that eating out, I'd have been quite good, by the way, I'm allowed 25 points a day. Up to dinner I'd only had about 11 1/2 of them!

When I get a measuring tape I'll start doing that too, I seem to keep forgetting, I wonder why....
Don't ask me why I torture myself with pictures of yummy fatty food :(. Image cred


  1. I think you probably only went over by one. Well not by eleven anyway.

    You should also note - and I'm not condoning cheating or anything, but all my previous success at WW over the years (not with the maintainence part it seesm) has been despite having bad days as well as good. No one expects you to be saintly and stay on course the entire time!

    Sounds like you are getting right into it. At least you didn't go 29 points over, like me...

  2. Mmmm, cheating...don't you worry, I'll get there, it's only day 2 after all,and I'm with my parents all weekend, it'll be a nightmare trying to keep to points at their place!

    I need tea and cheezcake :o)