Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ebil Beer

What did I say about beer being my major downfall??

The last 2 nights I've been out drinking the brown bubbly stuff, 4 pints each night....yesterday may even have been 5 pints. 4 pints = 12 points, that's half my daily allowance. *Shudderment*

So, this weekend with the parents I need to be extra good and might even do some skipping or something in the garden. They have a treadmill too, maybe I can hop on that for a bit.

Fingers crossed for good results next weigh-in

In other news I had a cous cous salad just now, quite nice, didn't eat it all, and the falafel was a bit minging. Turned it over to look for nutritional value to calculate points, and it says:

Calories: 350+

Sat Fat: Very low

Well that bloody well helps doesn't it??


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