Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Weigh in Numero Three

I appear to have become somwhat confused somewhere along the line. I think I started out at 14st 2.5lb, not 14st 2lb. Damn Gerards handwriting!

I lost 1/2lb this week, not as good as previous weeks, but I was expecting it. Complacency sets in when 4lb seems to drop off with no trouble each week, I needed a less successful week to get me focussed again. Due to my initial misreading of my weight chart I am still 13st 8lb (last week I was in fact 13st 8.5lb, but in denial). The lovely Oggers lost 2 1/2lbs this week! Applause all round methinks, it's lovely to have a significant loss, well deserved and I hope it makes her feel better :o).

We had a birthday do to attend after WW so it was all poised to go down the pan, but I think we pulled it back rather well. We had Leggera pizza for dinner at Pizza Express (I had vouchers baby, oh yes....cheapskate). Those are the pizzas with a hole cut in the middle, and salad inserted in the hole. It was rather delicious, even if it was served on what appeared to be a cross between a chopping board and an artists palette. Not bad for 8.5 points.
After this, Jo suggested that we walk from Angel to Oxford Street, we had plenty of time before the drunken hoarde were to turn up at the pub, so why not? It wasn't a tiresome walk either, I quite enjoyed it, did have to buy a diet coke in Burger King to use the loo's though. We had a momentary wibble thinking we may have gotten lost whilst looking for Great Titchfield Street, but I was finally redeemed when we found it at last! Phew....I must admit I was starting to doubt my memory and sense of direction.

The pub was lovely and Jennymays mates were fab too. We had 3 pints each and then wibbled home. I must try and remember that Jo doesn't have as many points to spare as me. Jo kindly bought my drinkies last night as I am well and truley skint until Friday....thank you Oggers! Love you :o). I snacked on 8 crackerbread in bed and woke up in a pile of breadcrumbs with my phone squished underneath me....lucky I even heard the alarm!

Ahhh, right, so I'm more focussed for this week after a disappointing 1/2lb loss. Still a loss though, canny complain.

I wonder how the Friday Pubcrawl will fare for me.......argh!! :o)


  1. No worries about the bevvies my dear. I still seem to be suffering odd side effects from my massive antibiotic intake yesterday, eg. headaches and confusion and giddiness.

    Hence I might have not started my tracking yet and may be skipping gym again and going straight home to crash on sofa.

    I am avoiding cake though and booze - so can't be all bad :)

  2. Ha ha, that's the antibiotics right...not the 5 pints you had after?

    I've almost gotten rid of my onion breath by drinking copious amounts of water all day, toilet toilet!!