Thursday, 2 July 2009


Oh here we go people :o)

I was pleasantly surprised at my weigh in after Italy. I think I was 7.5lb down....bear in mind I had missed 2 weigh ins. That's just over 2lb a week. It must have been all the walking, that bloody duomo did it I swearz :o)

However, the next week was my first bad one :o(

Here is the exact email I sent my Oggers the day after fat weekend!!

Oh well....I'm pretty sure I'll have my first gain this week.....yep....pretty sure

I was ok until this weekend, having working scales at mum and dads is hell. Weighed myself either Friday night or Saturday morning and I was below 13st, lost maybe a pound and a half...not too shabby I says.

The on Sunday we had an indian meal. Even that wasn't too bad, I did go over by about 7 points for the day when I worked it out, but boy it could have been much worse. I had tandoori fish so no cream. No starter, and I didn't really touch the bombay potato and left the cauliflower bhajee to Nicki and dad. I did however, have half a pilau rice, halfish a garlic naan and shared a choccie pud with Nicki.

Oh....and 2 bottles of kingfisher

Yesterday was the clincher though. TGI Fridays....and I'd resolved to be so good. Stevie is a bad influence on me!

I had Starter AND pudding! I thought...hmmmm, all these battered chicken things and whatnot.....I'll have the mushroom alfredo for starters, sounds healthy. Little did I know mushroom alfredo was sliced mushrooms swimming in creamy cheesy sauce with grease flotaing on top and a bit of spinach chucked in for some green. A HUGE portion at that! Oh.....with a garlic ciabatta on the side.

Mains.....I had New York chicken linguine, not too bad considering the horrendous racks of ribs etc I could have been consuming....not as good, however, as the salad or salmon I could have, and should have, been consuming. Ho hum.

Why did I have pudding??

Again, not the worst pudding, I had pudding minis, you pick 2 from a selection, and I picked the bloobry cheesecake (bloobry mousse with a crushed digestive at the bottom) and raspberry (raspberry what you may ask?....I could have payed £1.50 for a raspberry), it was a moussy thing. One of my five a day I reckon. One of my 5 a day hidden in sugar and cream and E numbers....oh yes.



Out came the choccy cake stevie made for Nicki, with silver and purple decorations as per her instructions. I HAD to have some of that otherwise Stevie would have been upset...that was my excuse anyway. Woe is me. And woe is my waistline.

Oh.....and 2 pints of Becks.

Ha ha. Weighed myself when I got home and I was like 13st 3lb, bear in mind I hadn't had poo poo or wee wee though.

I may have to starve myself and walk to meet you in Angel just to try and stay the same at weigh in.

Alas....these things do happen, lets looks on the bright side...plenty of motivation for next week....and at least the tracker won't be telling me off this week...I took its advice :o)

And, I was 13st 2lb, only a lb of pee pee and poo poo apparently!!

However, after a good week last week I weighed in on Tuesday at 13st exactly, so I've taken off that extra 1.5 plus some, and can start again :o)

People are starting to notice it now too which is lovely!

When I have a moment I'll start blogging my recipes, I've discovered a passion for cooking, nom nom nomz!!!

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