Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh My!! So much to catch up on!

On a great note...last weigh in I achieved my 10% goal...huzzah! 21.5lb down :D

On a less positive note, I've consumed so much alcohol this week that nothing short of self-imposed starvation, running a marathon, and the biggest emergency poo in the world is going to help me to have lost for Tuesday. I shan't complain though, for it is my own fault.

I've said in past posts that having a bad week every now and again, although disheartening, is good for you I think. The weight seems to have been coming off far to easily, especially the last few weeks. The tracking has begun to slide and really I need a kick up the bum to stay on track before it all goes to pot, it hasn't yet, but there is certainly the danger.

My sister and I held a Weight-watchers friendly BBQ yesterday, which I think went down quite well with our mates. Here's our menu:

Piri Piri Chicken wings
Home made beefburgers (WW recipe with added garlic)
Curly cumberland sausages (which no one asked for so we got away without)
Lamb kebabs (TESCO maybe not so diet-friendly)
Home made bean burgers
Stuffed peppers

Whole trout
Prawn and scallop skewers
Oven-baked garlic salmon

Mediterranean cous cous
Potato salad
Pitta bread and houmous
Sweet potato wedges
Garlic bread

Fruit skewers drizzed with white/dark choc
BBQ apple crumble (which also didn't get made in the end)

Errrr....I think that's it! Problem is, there was so much stuff to prepare that Nicki and I got hardly any time to spend with our mateys!

The trout on the BBQ is nice, if anyone wants to know how here it is:

1) Top, tail and butterfly a whole trout (you usually get the ready gutted at the fishmonger)

2) Marinade in olive oil and garlic...and anything else you like for at least an hour

3) Stuff with a strongish herb like lemongrass, dill or fennel, and lemons, onions and garlic (trout doesn't have a strong taste, you need to add flavours you like)

4) Wrap in foil and cook on a fairly hot barbie for about 25 minutes, flipping halfway.

You may like to cook your trout for less time, but I was adamant not to kill people with uncooked fish :D

Nom nom nomz, argh I want trout now!

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