Monday, 15 June 2009

Italy and Dieting

Oh my, well....things HAVE been a bit sparse around here haven't they?

Maybe it's the shame

The deep, deep ingrained shame.

When I returned home from Italy (home as in home to my house, not home to mum and dads, where I recouped for a couple of days), I had a little letter waiting for me. Inside was a little note from Gerard, 'Hope to see you soon'.

'Hope to see you soon'

Translated: 'Where are you Chubberson? How dare thee miss my meeting!! Where were you? Eating cake down a dark alleyway??'

Or something along those lines.

I have in fact, missed 2 meetings, the first because I was off work and had to get down to mum and dads with my luggage, and the thought of traipsing back up to North London just to be weighed filled me with woe. The second being because I was stuffing my face with PIZZA!!

Yes, you read that correctly, pizza, nommy nommy pizza. It was the best pizza ever too, from Pisa...ironically.

Actually, to be honest, I wasn't as bad as I could have been, apart from the day I had a picnic in Villa Borghese, oily foccacia, salami and Pomodoro cheese really isn't a WW recommended meal idea! I think I consumed roughly 37 points that day. I have a picture to prove it that I'll put up for you later.

What I tended to do was have one large meal for lunch (pizza pizza) and then a bit of a snack, if that, in the evenings. I was usually so knackered by the evening I'd just collapse in bed and snooze. With all the walking I was doing I'm pretty sure I burnt off most of the calories I was consuming.

I did have gelato........3 of them :o)

2 of them were chocolate...yes

1 of them was vanilla and raspberry.....with bits of chocolate in :o)

They were divine, I have no regrets!

The gelateries are amazing in the way they display their gelato. I have one very bad picture, it's always behind glass! They have amazing mountains of swirly gelato, and some of them stick things into it to show you what flavour it is, like the coconut will have bits of coconut stuck on the front, and the strawberry will have strawberries buried in the top. It's food porn is what it is! Should be banned.

I've started faithfully tracking again now I'm home. Oglet and I's little faux par involving gallons of beer the other day shall go unmentioned.


Sorry Gerard, but it had to be done. You may or may not have your revenge at the weigh in tomorrow....wish me luck ladies and gents...

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