Saturday, 1 August 2009

Confesshiunz of a Fatty - Off the wagon in spectacular style

Forive me Weightwatchers for I have has couple of days since my last confession.

Before telling you the number of points I consumed yesterday, I shall give you a brief overview of the day:

I went into work prepared for what may be a bad diet day, there was to be a brief leaving do after work followed by munchies before Nicki and I went to Somerset house for Alien and Poltergeist. I'd had my normal branflakes brekkie and all was on track so far.

When Linda walked into the tea room with her little choccie cake I suddenly recalled her mentioning the day before that she was bringing it in....ah, I can factor this in I think.

What REALLY upset the balance was when Greg walked in with a 12pk of favourite KRISPY KREME!!! Argh!!! What are they trying to DO to me! I won't lie and say that this is the ONLY reason I ate a couple, but he had bought them because he's been a grumpy bastard recently and it was his way of apologising, I'd have felt bad if I hadn't indulged. Being honest I'd have eaten them anyway though :)

So....a piece of choccie cake, a crulled original glazed and a raspberry glazed later...I'm in the office bloated to buggery.

Come lunchtime I'm really not that hungry, but we've decided on pub lunch already because of payday!! So we bimble to the pub and I have a half of Starapromen and Linda and I share some little platters, Crudités, houmous and flatbread, and falafel, tzaziki and flatbread. Niiiice.

Back to work and another little slice of choccie cake in the afternoon.....sigh

Then the fun really begins.....

3 pints at the pub at Troys leaving doo, chicken pitta and spicy rice at Nandos. We get a whole chicken to take away for Somerset House.

All in all this horrendous day came to....wait for it......

56 points!!

That's 56 points!!

I'm allowed 23 points!!

That's 23 points!!

So, one asks, what am I going to do to make up for this ridicuous indiscretion?

Well......mum and Nickis meal plan for today will save me about 13 points today I think, I'll try not to eat any snacks etc.

I want to go shopping in Croydon and I'm considering walking there or back, but that might just make me hongreh!!!

Tomorrow I'm covering the mela with St J so I reckon there'll be a bit of walking around.

Monday night I'm salsa-ing :D Last minute exercise FTW!!!

I might pull it back and be able to stay the same :o)

Cross your fingers for me people, cross your fingies, not that I deserve it lolz!

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