Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Halloween Hotties!

My motivation has been somewhat lacking the last couple of weeks, I lost 1lb this past week, and 1/2lb the week before. It's still weightloss, but I know I haven't been applying myself to it, so I'm a little disappointed, in ME!!

This past week was such a bad one in terms of the quantity of beer I drank (again) that I was actually considering bailing out of my weigh-in. By the way...I'm not a raving alcoholic, it's just that the two weeks after I get paid tend to be characterised by a flurry of meeting up with mates that I finally have enough money to spend some time with....and it usually involves large quantities of beer or wine.

However, some of the guys on the WW forum started talking about a challenge. I'd never done one before and I thought it might be a great way to get back my mojo and my motivation - so I've joined the Halloween Hotties Challenge.

We've been put into groups of about 8 people, and we'll track our weight losses/gains for the 12 weeks leading up to Halloween. The group with the biggest total loss after 12 weeks will be the winnerz!!

I have no idea what we win......I think it might just be the good feeling you get from being a winner...which is all good :o)

This will be good because you're doing it for the team as well as yourself, so it's that extra little bit of motivation, and we have a whole website set up where we can chat and encourage each other.

Go Sexy Sorceresses!!

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