Thursday, 1 October 2009

Catching up!

Ok ok, epic catch-up to be done here! It appears I haven't blogged here for over a month, this will not do!

Ok, so....looking at my weightloss sheet, I've lost about 6.5lb since I last blogged, so it's all still going in the right direction.

However, I have noticed that I've hit a bit of a plateau recently, this could be for a number of reasons:

1) I've lost a grand total of 2 stone 4.5lb rather quickly and now the weightloss is (necessarily) slowing down.

2) I've not been pulling my weight (get it?) with the diet plan over the last couple of weeks. I have become lacksadaisical with the lager and complacent with the calories.

3) I'm becoming increasingly happier with my shape and size....and the reciprocal effect is that I feel less of a need to improve it. Hence, motivation lowers. My motivation is increasing in the 'maintain what I have now' arena.

It's a neat combination of all these factors I think.

Also! My mum and my sister have recently joined Slimming World. I went along with them on their first day for moral support more than anything and I was pleasantly surprised. As opposed to the dingy place with a few chairs slung around that I attend for my WW meeting, this place was large, airy and light, there were lots and lots of people around, and the meeting leader was absolutely lovely. Very encouraging and full of hints, tips and explanation.

I get the feeling that...after 20+ years in the business, my leader has stagnated somewhat....Jo and I hardly ever stay for the meetings, there's a definite lack of motivation going on THERE. My familys 'leader' (makes it sound like some kind of cult), Loretta, is very in...younger than my sister, that makes me feel really old, and it's a new class so she's a new leader. Full of enthusiasm and ringing round everyone in her group every week! I can't help but wonder if that will fade over the months/years. There's only so much whinging I think I could take from overweight people refusing to make an actual change to their eating habits and then wondering why they only lost 1/2lb last week. Or people elated by 2 weeks of 5lb loss plummeting into a deep depression in week 3 because they only lost 1b. How many times can you explain water loss and safe rate of weightloss before wanting to slit your wrists? Or run into the next room and devour an entire Sara Lee's chocolate gateaux to yourself? (Closely followed and trampled by a stampeding herd of women fighting their inner fatties...and failing....having caught a whiff of part per million is enough). If evolution is just and fair then in 50 years, slimming group leaders will have evolved food pouches to avoid such scenarios. Hamsters have the right idea.

We'll follow Loretta and see, I hope she keeps it up, she's a lovely lady :)

So now, every weekend I spend with the folks has become almost a competition. I'm asked what I've lost this week and get curt congratulations if I've done well and stern eyeballs if I've stayed the same. Dad has joined in the plan recently and loves bringing up that he dropped about a stone in 3 weeks, at which my mother begins muttering and rifling through the fridge for another sugar free jelly.

My sister and I pretty much laugh about the whole thing....but I HAVE noticed...if she thinks she's not doing well she tries to SABOTAGE me!!

'Another roast potato?'

'Two or three scoops of Ben and Jerry's FroYo? *seductive grin*'

'Oh go on, a kilogram bar of dairy milk won't make a dent!!'

Ok....that last one was a lie, but you get my drift.

I hope that this general competitive weightloss environment isn't adding to my laziness. The weightloss was something I started doing for myself, and somehow it's losing it's magic with others around me keeping up with my progress and comparing it to their own. I've never been the competitive type (mostly cos I'm crap at sports and would never inflict myself upon a team). Maybe I shall ask them to stop talking about it and see if it helps!

Anyway, this week I am trying hard to get back on track.. I haven't actually tracked for about 2 weeks now, but I have today, so back on the weightwatching wagon it is for me.

Wish me luck on my continued journey :o) xx


  1. Good luck with your continued journey X

    One pint of Guiness won't hurt ;)

  2. One or won't hurt!